Service, Parts, and Logistics (SPLO)

Wamar Technologies


Wamar Technologies provides its own operational logistics management and procurement for its projects worldwide. Whether in hostile environments (such as Iraq), or in peaceful environments, we have the staff, experience and organizational structure to successfully deliver personnel and materiel to any destination in the world.

Wamar Technologies has developed numerous strategic alliances and partnerships in order to complete all logistical functions from the point of origin to delivery at the final destination. This includes the actual movement of personnel and material, shipment tracking, and required customs clearance (including the required documentation, such as levy exemption forms, end-user certificates and destination delivery documentation).

Whether you are delivering a small parcel or a multi-ton mechanical component, we ensure rapid, secure and reliable delivery. We pride ourselves on conducting the needed research, establishing relationships with the appropriate governmental bodies, and utilizing the most effective delivery methods and personnel required to complete a delivery.

We have the ability to set up complete logistics cells in any environment to best meet the needs of our clients. We are proactive, diligent and, most importantly, flexible in meeting and overcoming the challenges encountered in procurement and logistical operations worldwide.


Vehicle Maintenance

As a full service complement to our manufacturing and technology facilities located in Atlanta, Georgia and San Diego, California, Wamar Technologies’ Service, Parts, and Logistics division offers depot level maintenance at home and abroad as well as vehicle parts and logistics support. Our current facilities in the middle east are headquartered from our base of operations in Amman, Jordan. Those in Baghdad, Iraq and Basra; as well as Kabul, Afghanistan are fully operational, actively servicing existing US government contracts, and ready to accommodate additional volume on a moment’s notice.

Should your mission require additional capacity or operations in an area not serviced by our current facilities, Wamar Technologies can establish fully operational support and service centers in almost any location required-- having done so in some of the most austere and hostile environments in the world.

Wamar Technologies Maintenance Facilities

Wamar Technologies Map

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  • In-Theater Logistics Support
  • Procurement & Shipping
  • Asset Leasing
  • Real Life Support
  • Personnel Training
  • In-Country Armored and Soft-Skin Vehicle Maintenance
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Fleet Management and Asset Storage
  • Fly Away Maintenance and Repair
  • Battle Damage and Armor Component Repair

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