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Wamar Technologies

Wamar Technologies is headquartered from a 92,000 square foot secured commercial business facility in Atlanta, Georgia which includes 20,000 square feet of engineering and administrative space and 72,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space. Atlanta operations primarily support the production of armored vehicles and also include the Service, Parts, and Logistics (SPLO) department.

Wamar Technologies’ 12,000 square foot facility in San Diego, California operates as the Advanced Technology arm of Wamar Technologies with capabilities including research and development, design, engineering, systems integration, procurement, and the production of C4ISR systems. These include mobile command systems, modular tactical kits, and surveillance systems among others with emphasis on modularity, scalability and utility.

In addition to the Atlanta and San Diego facilities, Wamar Technologies operates secured maintenance facilities in each of the following locations: Kabul, Afghanistan, Bagdad, Iraq, and Basra, Iraq. Each of these facilities offers depot level maintenance support for armored and soft-skinned vehicles with large quantities of the most common items kept in stock. Additional components are either sourced from a network of local vendors or supplied via our SPLO department.

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