About Wamar Technologies

Wamar Technologies

Wamar Technologies is the defense and security division of Wamar International, a leading global provider of premium services and products in the fields of Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Aviation, and Real Life Support, and Defense and Security. Although a division of Wamar International, Wamar Technologies operates as an independent business entity with its own management, engineering, sales, marketing, finance, human resources and manufacturing operations.

Since 2006, Wamar Technologies has been providing the U.S. Government and select international governments with the highest quality specialized armored vehicles available. Modified from existing commercial vehicle platforms such as the Ford Excursion and designed to maintain an external OEM appearance, these early armored vehicles were tactical in nature, ruggedized, and equipped with heavy duty components to meet the demands of austere environments in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has since expanded its vehicle armoring capabilities to include luxury armored vehicles with the addition of an in-house upholstery department, an updated production line, and the establishment of partnerships with key players in the automotive industry to further augment its capabilities and offerings.

In 2011, WT opened its Advanced Technology group to bring C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) hardware and software integrations to its mobility platforms and expanded its existing logistics capability with the creation of the Service, Parts and Logistics (SPLO) department. This expansion of the services, parts, and logistics arm not only gives WT the ability to support and maintain operations in its existing areas of operation, but gives it the ability to establish new support and production facilities anywhere around the globe. Combined, these capabilities allow Wamar Technologies to offer a comprehensive set of turn-key solutions to the defense, security, disaster preparedness and relief, as well as the humanitarian aid market sectors.

Wamar Technologies is an ISO 9001 certified organization that manufactures from an established engineering design package and utilizes repeatable production and quality control processes.

Focus Areas

  • Commercial Armored Vehicles:
    Sedans, SUVs, Trucks, etc.
  • Tactical Surveillance Vehicles
  • Mobile Command Systems
  • Man-portable Surveillance and Reconnaissance Kits
  • Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicle Chassis Design and Manufacturing
  • Ground Mobility Engineering Services
  • Mobility Systems R&D
  • Reset of Mobility Assets
  • Fleet Management and Asset Storage
  • Fly Away Maintenance and Repair

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